Sooo how’s Ramzan and fasting going for whoever’s fasting?

  1. nuhyall answered: we have one week left, and it’s ‘Ramadan’ teehee, and thanks for asking :D
  2. thesebitchesstupiditypersonified answered: it’s hard. i’m very hungry :( :D
  3. inkpaintandharrypotter answered: I’m bloody hungry.
  4. lamadegaan answered: Ramadan Karim! Good, Alhamdulilah. Insha Allah your uncle is at peace and you will meet in Jannat al Firdous. Ask, and Allah will answer. :)
  5. prvncesss-x answered: umm its spelt ramadan .. #just saying
  6. lordvoidemort answered: going better than i thought :D
  7. daliabaybeee answered: pretty good , it went by pretty fast
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