Hi guys. this is really random and weird but I seriously live in the constant worry that I will forget/have forgotten all the shows/cartoons from my childhood so i wrote them all down during math today on a sheet of paper. So what have been some of your favorite childhood shows? 

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tagged: GO DEEP IN YOUR CHILDHOOD and try to remember as much as you cann. archie's weird mysteries. asks. cartoons. disney channel shows. fosters home for imaginary friends. like brace face. nick shows. or sabrina the teenage witch animated series. random disney movies. try to rememeber shows you thought no one else watched. ques. good post.

  1. borninthewrongcenturyy answered: I loved Zoey 101, Unfabulous, Dexters Laboratory (I don’t know if it’s called that way in English), and Inspector Gadget haha :)
  2. ysabel-dimitra answered: rocko’s modern life
  3. dahhtgirlkayla answered: rugrats !
  4. renokanoka answered: as told by ginger
  5. teenagerunawayss answered: rugrats, dragon tales, rollie pollie ollie, fairly odd parents, lizzie mcguire, franklin, the amanda show, all that, boy meets world :)
  6. shashacrammerspine answered: smart guy, toy castle, teely tubbies, bugs bunny and tweey show, the flinstones and spiderman
  7. ofuckme answered: totally spies
  8. shutupandloveonedirection answered: catdog!
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  10. 666-jeopardizing answered: difrui, ok,…well my fav childhood cartoon ever was definetly,.. The Puwerpuff Girls… <3<3<3
  11. trialofthecenturies answered: boy meets world!
  12. itsan-american-horrorstory answered: a show called Recess!
  13. shekicksobvi answered: umm…..RUGRATS!!!
  14. manteniendome-fuerte answered: I have several
  15. thelifeofmica answered: pokemon, rocket power, catdog, rugrats, digimon, hey arnold, doug, a loooot haha
  16. gallouvich answered: Hmm.. Mt favorite would probably be either Rugrats, Little Bear, or Franklin
  17. sleepidk answered: scooby doo :)
  18. lastt--breath answered: Nickelodeon!!!
  19. shagcaster answered: mr squiggle. it. was. my. life.
  20. thestormhascomein answered: fairly odd parents danny phantom
  21. dallasharry answered: franklin <33
  22. maryssee answered: Powerpuff girls! woot woot
  23. stylesgocommando answered: thats so raven (‘:
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